We keep free ranging Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) pigs at Bogrow Farm.

The Gloucestershire Old Spot is a hardy breed able to cope with most conditions and they love foraging, perfect for the Scottish Highlands.

The Gloucestershire Old Spot is one of the UK’s 11 native pig breeds and is deemed to be a risk of extinction due to falling numbers. So we’re delighted to be breeding them and contributing to their future survival. As far as we know we are the most northerly registered GOS breeders.

We have three pedigree GOS sows and two GOS cross sows as well as a pure bred boar.

Our pigs live outside all year round unless we have concerns for their welfare due to illness or bad weather conditions.

Each sow averages two litters a year and raises 8-10 piglets each time. We wean the piglets at eight weeks old at the earliest. A small number of the weaners are sold each year with the remaining kept on as growers.