Luing Cattle

Our Bogrow herd of Luing cattle was started in 2017 with the purchase of four pedigree heifers. We now have these four cows, their followers and a bull, Sutherland Viking (aka Big Red Bruce).

Sutherland Viking (Bruce) and Morag
Sutherland Viking (Bruce) and Morag

Luing cattle were first bred in 1947 on the island of Luing by the Cadzow brothers who developed a bred of cattle suitable for island life by crossing the Shorthorn and Highland cattle.

They are a moderately sized, hardy breed and can thrive on rough grazing. They also have a docile nature making them easier to handle.

Bruce with his sons

Our cattle live outside most of the year and spend a lot of their time rotating around the rough grazing. In winter they eat additional silage and hay and occasionally some concentrate cubes if we feel they need a little extra.

Moving The cattle
Moving the cattle

In our first two years of calving we had 7 bull calves! Our aim is to grow these on as beef animals. We were able to sell our first Bogrow Luing beef during Summer 2020.