We produce a range of small batch artisan charcuterie that is available at local stores, online and at community markets.  We source all our pork, beef and lamb from our own farm and our venison is from wild deer culled as part of sustainable forest management within 30 miles of the farm.

Pork – we use our own Gloucestershire Old Spot pork from pigs that live outside and range freely. Most of our pork is being made into delicious charcuterie but we do still a small amount of fresh cuts, sausages and burgers so do contact us.

Beef – at certain times of the year we have our own Luing Beef. We sell most of it in beef boxes.

Lamb – we sell most of our lamb as whole or half lamb boxes in early Autumn.

We make our charcuterie in small batches by hand so availability is governed by the seasons and the farming calendar.

Salami & Chorizo


Know as “Finocchiona” in Italy our fennel salami is made from our free range pork, a sprinkling of fennel seeds, black peppercorns a little garlic and salt. Available Sliced or whole.


This is our spicier salami made with pork, chilli and capsicum paste.


Our ‘house’ salami is made from a simple mixture of free range pork, salt, red wine and a five pepper mix.


Our leanest salami made with wild venison and a small amount of pork and warming spices. Available sliced or as small whole salami.


Some would say this is the food of the gods! Made with pork belly and lashings of de la vera Paprika nduja is so versatile. We love it on pizza, in pasta sauce or even on the humble cheese on toast.


Our chorizo is made from our free range rare breed pork and delicious blend of the finest Spanish pimento (paprika) from the de la Vera region of Spain, spices and a touch of highland malt whisky.

Whole Muscle Salumi


Culatello Style Ham is made from a boned out leg of pork and salt. After rinsing we wrap it up and put it in our ageing room for sometimes as long as 6 months. It is best eaten sliced wafer thin and used like parma ham or prosciutto.


This is very similar to the culatello but made from a much smaller muscle known as the Fioco. This a very lean cut and is served wafer thin.


Made from the ‘collar’ or neck muscle of the pig. Sometimes we keep is simple and just cure it with salt and let the meat speak for itself. Other times we add some extra aromatics to the outside of meat to give that little extra flavour:
Fennel – dusted with a mix of fennel, pepper and garlic
Spicy – lightly coated with hot and sweet paprika
Bay & Juniper – coated with crushed black pepper, bay and juniper.

Bogrow Bacon

bogrow black

Deliciously dark back bacon made with salt, porter beer, treacle and spices. Makes the perfect bacon butty.


For those that like to keep things simple. Made with salt pork and nothing else.


Smokey bacon. Simple but delicious.


A firm favourite with many of our customers. Back bacon dry cured with paprika, a hint of garlic and chipotle chilli.

smoked maple

Back bacon cured with lashings of canadian maple syrup, a tiny bit of espresso coffee and lightly smoked over oak. A top seller!

smoked birch

Made in a similar way to our birch bacon but using birch syrup harvested from the forests beside Loch Ness. The birch syrup gives the bacon the sweetness of maple but a little extra depth of flavour.