Sujuk – beef, lamb and pork spicy sausage


Sujuk or sucuk is a dryspicy and fermented sausage  made from beef, lamb and pork.

Available as a small salami ready for you to slice yourself or as snacking salami’s which are great with a glass of your favourite tipple!


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Our Bogrow Sujuk or sucuk is a dryspicy and fermented sausage inspired by traditional recipes from the Balkans to the Middle East and Central Asia.

Sujuk consists of ground meat (usually beef or lamb, but horse meat is often used in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).  Our version includes pork, lamb and beef.  We think the spices in this recipe go really well with the taste of lamb.

Ready to eat can be stored at ambient temperature until opened.  Then refrigerate and eat within 1 weeks of opening.

Ingredients: Beef, lamb, pork*, curing salts (sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite), dextrose, hot smoked paprika, sweet smoked paprika, chilli, allspice, fennel, red wine. * made with 155g of meat per 100g of finished product.

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Snacking, Small whole salami


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